Art as Problematic Waste - Taideteos ongelmana

"At what point does art becomes waste?"

Lots of art everywhere - it can be a problem too. When an artist dies, his studio is full with old artworks and even when alive some of the works need a lot of space. Where can we put all these probably interesting works? Museums cannot and will not take it all, and you cannot sell even good art easily. At what point does art becomes waste? How might art as waste even cause an additional ecological problem: the over production of art as another form of consumerism?

"The artworks will stay here. I don´t know what will happen to them when I'm gone. I simply don't know."
Ossi Somma, Sculptor

Art as Problematic Waste looks into the other side of art with sensitive eyes and ears, we follow some cases and make new art from these stories. Art as problematic waste is the other side of overpriced, market oriented art. The project participates in the discussion about the changes in art paradigm and shows us a fresh perspective. The Project is dedicated to the memory of Otso Kantokorpi, Leena Luostarinen and Erkki & Papu Pirtola.

Video Installation & Documentary Film

Art as Problematic Waste contains of a Video Installation for three projectors and four loudspeakers and a Documentary Film.

Documentary film trailer